For the first time ever in Nigeria, Introducing Tiger TMT 550D Steel Rebars



Concrete is a relatively brittle material which is strong under compression but less in tension. This means that plain, unreinforced concrete is unsuitable for many structures as it is relatively poor at withstanding stresses induced by vibrations, wind loading, etc. but iron rod has tensile strength.

Hence, by combining iron rods and concrete, builders are able to make use of both the tensile strength of the iron rods and the relatively low-cost compressive strength of concrete. By forming a strong bond together, the two materials are able to resist a variety of applied forces.

Reinforce concrete with only TMT iron rods

Builders, researchers and architectural analysts have discovered that, in order to avoid cracks, and ultimately collapse of buildings and structures, it is not enough to combine concrete with just any iron rod. TMT (Thermo-Mechanically-Treated) iron rods offer undeniable benefits compared to local iron rods.

  • Ductility
  • TMT iron rods have better ductility compared to local iron rods, hence they can take in tension. This helps to stop any sudden failure occasioned by stress, vibration, etc.

  • Earthquake-resistance
  • TMT iron rods minimize the risk of damage caused by natural disasters such as earthquake and fire due to their ductility.

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Corrosion results in cracking of the structure. Hence, compared to local iron rods, TMT iron rods reduce the rate of corrosion because they are corrosion-resistant.

  • Good Bond Strength
  • TMT iron rods have very good bonding strength with concrete. This helps them hold each other in place and not exist as separate entities forced to stay at one place.

  • Better strength
  • TMT iron rods have no surface deformities compared to local iron rods. Hence, they are ideal for critical infrastructure for better strength of the structures.

  • Weldability
  • TMT iron rods have superior welding ability, and better elongation compared to local iron rods. Thus they are easily welded and bent without breaking.

  • Flexibility
  • TMT iron rods are highly flexible. This is the reason why they are widely used in the construction industry. They don’t get cracks even after bending 180 degrees.

  • Recyclability
  • TMT iron rods can be recycled without compromising on the quality.

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Choose the genuine TMT brand

TIGER TMT iron rods have unmatchable strength, perfect ductility, thermal resistance, and other great qualities that make them suitable for all types of construction. They are used for commercial construction projects such as dams, bridges, high rises, corporate or individual buildings, industrial construction, heavy civil construction and other construction types that require high yield strength.

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