For the first time ever in Nigeria, Introducing Tiger TMT 550D Steel Rebars



Thermo-Mechanically-Treated iron rods have been identified by civil and construction engineering researchers and experts as the best iron rods suitable for construction purposes.

TMT iron rods are the choice of builders because of the combination of tensile strength and ductility that they provide and the fact that they are more corrosion-resistant when compared with local iron rods. This is mainly due to rapid quenching and tempering used in their manufacturing process. The tensile strength and ductility make TMT iron rods resistant to earthquake.

The impact of natural disasters on structures
Over the years, the world has witnessed several natural disasters, ranging from earthquakes of different magnitudes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, landslides, storms, etc. Some of these disasters left unsavory memories in the world due to the devastating levels of the destructions they left behind.

The impacts of these disasters, particularly seismic attacks, were more felt in areas with vulnerable population. The Nepal earthquake of April 2015 was one that had disastrous consequences and left lasting damage which requires years to repair. Many buildings, landscapes and structures gave way as in other disasters that happened before and after it.

Though Africa has not seen much of earthquakes, cyclones and volcanic eruptions, it has witnessed floods, fires and drought which also rendered many people homeless as a result of the damage done to their homes.

Why some structures resisted natural disasters
Despite the damage recorded in the wake of the past natural disasters, the amazing thing is that some very strong buildings and structures remain unscathed. This is because they were built with quality TMT iron rods.

Hence, the chief advantage TMT iron rods have over local iron rods is the ability to resist seismic attacks and prevent structural damage.

What Makes TMT Iron Rods Resist Natural Disasters

Corrosion resistance
A structure without corrosion-resistant is the first to crumble during any natural disaster. This is because corrosion weakens structures. But TMT iron rods have enhanced anti-corrosion properties and come with a unique cross-rib formation which ensures that the concrete is always tightly bonded with the iron rod. When matched with their superior bendability, these iron rods keep buildings standing even under high stress.

Fire resistance
Fire outbreak often affects buildings and it is a regular occurrence in Nigerian and other African cities. However, because the good chemistry in TMT iron rods does not melt even in fire outbreak; it saves the structure from crumbling.

When it comes to natural-disaster resistance, ductility is unarguably the most important feature of TMT iron rods. The unique manufacturing process of TMT iron rods makes them give a high level of flexibility to building structure. This ensures that when buildings are shaken up during natural disaster, especially earthquake, it can retain its structure.

In Nigeria, Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt and other Nigerian cities are known to have several individual, industrial and commercial structures of great magnitude. They are also the cities very prone to moisture. TMT iron rods are able to decrease the defect of moisture due to its ductility.

High Strength
TMT iron rods also have various grades of strength depending on the brand. TIGER TMT iron rods, the best brand of TMT, offer the highest strength. This is coupled with the fact that its high quality, weldability and bendability are second to none.

In any natural disaster, the most damage is done when a building collapses. The only thing that can prevent this is ensuring that the building is built with high quality TMT iron rods.

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If you want your building or structure to remain unscathed after any natural disaster, choose TIGER TMT iron rods. It is corrosion-free and natural disaster-resistant. Our world-class technology, strict adherence to quality assurance, safety, genuineness and durability yield unparalleled strength that gives you peace of mind.

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