For the first time ever in Nigeria, Introducing Tiger TMT 550D Steel Rebars
African Industries Group

TIGER TMT, The Most Trusted Steel Rebars In Nigeria For Decades

Tiger TMT Steel Rebars are a premium product offering by the African industries Group (AIG) for the construction industry. The group is a leading manufacturer of steel rebars in Nigeria for decades, predominantly using ferrous scrap as the raw material. In 2023, it became the first indigenous manufacturer to start producing steel rebars using iron ore sourced from its very own Nigerian mines. This is in line with its aim of utilizing the abundant natural resources and making Nigeria self-reliant for steel products, thereby eliminating its dependence on imports.

The Group is now in the process of introducing Tiger TMT 550D steel rebars, which is aimed at further supporting the infrastructure development of Nigeria and West Africa. These Rebars are ideal for high-rise buildings, airports, flyovers, dams, bridges, and other structures that need to withstand a lot of weight. Tiger TMT 550D Steel bars have better yield strength, tensile strength to elongation, and are also quite economical.

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TIGER TMT Products

Tiger TMT, the name is synonymous with Iron Rods/Steel Rebars across West Africa. For decades it has been The Most Trusted Brand and one of the most essential construction materials in West Africa.

Tiger TMT rebars are produced through fully automated Thermo-Mechanical Treatment and the latest 3D laser technology creating a perfect uniform rib structure to seamlessly bond with concrete and cement

What Makes TIGER TMT unique

Solid Bonding


Concrete and TMT iron rods must act together in reinforced concrete structure even though they are two different materials. This is to give the structure…

High Yield Strength

High Yield

Irrespective of the type of construction projects they are embarking on, one of the aims of architects, builders and project owners is to ensure safety of…

Excellent Weldability


The microstructure of TIGER TMT iron rods is tested through our automated labs and most modern testing equipment which give every…

Greater Corrosion Resistance

Greater Corrosion

TIGER TMT iron rods have greater anti-corrosion properties enabled by the automated labs and the most modern testing equipment which are used…

Thermal Stability


TIGER TMT iron rods have excellent thermal stability which is enabled by the automated labs and the most modern testing equipment which are used to…

 Perfect Ductility and Malleability

Perfect Ductility
and Malleability

Perfect Ductility and Malleability TIGER TMT iron rods go through the most advanced and fully-automated quenching process that makes their inner part softer and the outer…

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