For the first time ever in Nigeria, Introducing Tiger TMT 550D Steel Rebars



We all have dreams and aspirations; they are what keep us going. For some of us, top of our dreams is to own a house of our own. This is because owning a house comes with a lot of benefits. Apart from the prestige and pride that it accords you, it gives peace of mind, especially in this part of the world where housing is a major challenge.

The dream to own a house can be achieved through two means: building or buying one. Both are huge investment which must be carried out with proper planning and execution, as there is no room for mistakes. If your plan is to buy a home, you have to be very careful because you most likely didn’t witness construction of the house. This means that you do not know the builders and are not privy to the materials used.

Factors to Consider

You do not want to overlook the quality of the construction. You may consider other factors such as location, designs, amenities, and resale value but you must not lose sight of the quality. The quality of the construction, which is determined by the materials used, is essential in ensuring the strength, durability and ultimately the longevity of your home and the safety of the users.

This is the reason why you need to consider the following factors before investing your savings in any home.

  • TMT iron rods
  • You need to ask questions and be sure of the iron rods (rebars) used in the construction of the house. TMT iron rods are combined with concrete and cement because concrete is strong in compression but low in tensile strength. Hence, TMT iron rods are used to compensate for this deficiency, as they give high yield strength to structures. Professional builders use TMT iron rod because they are products of innovation in the construction industry.

    Hence, TMT iron rods have become the most common, essential and highly preferred materials in building and construction because of their strong bonding with concrete, great strength and better ductility. They provide better reinforcement to concrete structures and minimise damage caused by earthquakes, corrosion, and thermal agents.

    TMT iron rods give buildings and structures indisputable benefits. The rapid quenching and tempering used in the manufacturing process of TMT iron rods result in combination of tensile strength and ductility and make them more corrosion-resistant.

    If your house is built with TMT iron rods from the foundation level, you are rest assured that it will last longer.

  • The foundation
  • You must also check and make enquiry about the foundation of the house as that is what the house stands on. A strong foundation guarantees safety and durability. So you must consider the formwork, concrete work, soil testing, and the masonry work. Again, make sure the concrete in the foundation is reinforced with Tiger TMT iron rods.

  • Regulations
  • There must be clarity on all the regulations involved in owning a house in your preferred location. Be sure that all relevant documents have been obtained and all necessary regulatory fees paid. This will forestall any legal battle and unforeseen issues that may arise.

  • Appearance
  • A house should not only designed to be strong, durable and long-lasting or meet standards, but also to meet the specifications of the design in terms of aesthetics. It must be appealing to emotions. It should be aesthetically-relevant, and enhance existing character.

  • Family Needs and Lifestyles
  • Apart from the structure and quality of the house, another factor you should put into consideration is your family needs and lifestyles. Think of your needs and the lifestyle of your family to ensure comfortability. Buying a house that does not serve all aspects of your routine or fit in into your lifestyle is like putting a fish in a dry bucket. Family needs and lifestyles vary as it depends on the individual preferences, stages and future plans. The size of your immediate family and others who will live with you, as well as your present and future needs, should determine the type of house you go for.

    Aside this, consider the number of guests you entertain regularly, especially visitors who stay with your family for long period of time. You should also consider where you often gather with your family to spend time together maybe during prayer, family function, or just to play.

    Final Words

    Do not forget these important factors and others listed as they determine the strength, durability and longevity of your home, as well as how well you will enjoy it without any unforeseen issues in future.

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