For the first time ever in Nigeria, Introducing Tiger TMT 550D Steel Rebars



When embarking on residential construction project or other infrastructure for public use, some builders are fond of using inferior iron rods. They do this because the inferior iron rods and other low-quality building materials are cheaper. The irony is that they end up incurring financial losses beyond the initial amount budgeted for the project in the long run as a result of damage, deterioration or collapse of the building or structure.

Construction projects are enormous task, not only because they require rigorous planning and a lot of resources, but also because they have impact on the safety of lives and property. This is the reason why builders must not consider the short-term gain which is the money they will accrue from using inferior iron rods.

It is particularly important for builders to use Thermo-Mechanically-Treated (TMT) iron rods instead of local iron rods because its unique manufacturing process gives it high yield strength, ductility, corrosion-resistance, high temperature resistance and other qualities that local iron rods lack.

In Nigeria and Africa at large, professional builders have made TIGER TMT iron rods their first choice because of their unmatchable qualities which guarantee long-term financial benefits.

How TIGER TMT Iron Rods Guarantee Long-Term Financial Benefits

TIGER TMT iron rods are the best brand of TMT produced for builders, homeowners, civil engineers and other stakeholders in the construction industry whose desire is to build for generations rather than the present or short-term. The unique manufacturing process of TIGER TMT iron rods creates a combination of strength, ductility and other unique qualities that ensure that your building or structure remain strong for many generations, withstanding earthquakes and other natural disasters, moisture, extreme weather conditions, fire and other factors that affects structures. The qualities include but not limited to:

High Yield Strength

TIGER TMT iron rods pass through automated quenching process that gives them unique high yield strength. With this, TIGER TMT iron rods ensure that buildings and structures are able to stand strong during stress, high load pressure, earthquakes and extreme weather conditions.

This quality also makes TIGER TMT iron rods ideal for all types of construction such as dams, bridges flyovers, concrete roads, industrial structures, underground structures, general purpose reinforcement structures made of concrete, individual houses and all critical structures where high yield strength is required without compromising on the elongation properties.

Solid Bonding

TIGER TMT iron rods are produced with the most advanced 3D laser technology which gives every rod produced uniform rib structure. The uniform rib structure ensures the iron rod bond perfectly with cement and concrete.

By bonding perfectly with concrete and cement, TIGER TMT iron rods provide unmatchable strength to buildings and structures, and make them free of defects such as seepage, cracks and moisture. This improves the longevity, durability and ultimately the lifespan of the building.

Perfect Ductility and Elongation

TIGER TMT iron rods go through the most advanced and fully-automated quenching process that makes the inner part softer and the outer part harder. This gives them perfect ductility to resist earthquake and other natural disasters.

TIGER TMT iron rods can be bent without cracking or breaking because they undergo fatigue test which gives them perfect elongation.

Thermal Stability

Automated labs and most modern testing equipment are used to test the micro-structure of TIGER TMT iron rods. This gives every rod produced the right chemistry that makes it withstand any type of moist condition and extreme temperature.

Greater Corrosion Resistance

TIGER TMT iron rods also have greater anti-corrosion properties than any other brand. This is enabled by the automated labs and the most modern testing equipment which are used to test the micro-structure.

By resisting corrosion, TIGER TMT iron rods are able to bear huge load of a complete structure and protect it from spalling and cracking.

Closing Line

TIGER TMT iron rods guarantee the qualities above and ensure that your building or structure does not require repairs or rebuilding which may arise as result of damage, crack, or collapse. This means that you save more financial resources, stress and time in the long run when you build with TIGER TMT iron rods as your building or structure will benefit several generations after you.

So, which would you rather settle for – short-term or long-term benefits? To learn more about the qualities of TIGER TMT iron rods, click here.

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