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TMT (Thermo-Mechanically-Treated) iron rod is unarguably the most important material in the construction process. When combined with cement and concrete, it gives great strength to structures and protects it from cracking, spalling and collapsing even during natural disasters and fire. This explains why it is used in building of homes, construction of bridges, flyovers and other civil engineering structures.

There is increase in the demand for TMT iron rods construction projects in Nigeria and Africa at large because of the region’s exposure to floods, fire, moisture and other disasters which may be natural or man-made. TMT iron rods can withstand all kinds of stress and loads. They make buildings and structures very strong and protect them from damage.

The question that fills the mind of builders and building owners is how to find high quality TMT iron rods in Nigeria and Africa. This question has, however, been answered as the only TMT brand that offers excellent and superior qualities in Nigeria is TIGER TMT iron rods. The unmatchable qualities of TIGER TMT iron rods have made it the first choice of professional builders. It has no equal.

Why TIGER TMT iron rod is the best TMT brand

High yield strength

Every TIGER TMT iron rods pass through automated quenching process that gives it unique high yield strength.

This makes TIGER TMT iron rods ideal for all types of construction such as dams, bridges flyovers, concrete roads, industrial structures, underground structures, general purpose reinforcement structures made of concrete, individual houses and all critical structures where high yield strength is required without compromising on the elongation properties.

Solid Bonding

TIGER TMT iron rods are produced with the most advanced 3D laser technology which gives every rod produced uniform rib structure. The uniform rib structure ensures the iron rod bond perfectly with cement and concrete.

By bonding perfectly with concrete and cement, TIGER TMT iron rods provide unmatchable strength to buildings and structures, and makes them free of defects such as seepage, cracks and moisture. This improves the longevity, durability and ultimately the lifespan of the building.

Perfect ductility

TIGER TMT iron rods go through the most advanced and fully-automated quenching process that makes the inner part softer and the outer part harder. This gives it perfect ductility that makes it resist earthquake and other natural disasters.

TIGER TMT iron rods can be bent without cracking or breaking because it undergoes fatigue test which gives it perfect elongation.

Thermal Stability

Automated labs and most modern testing equipment are used to test the micro-structure of TIGER TMT iron rods. This gives every rod produced the right chemistry that makes it withstand any type of moist condition and extreme temperature.

Greater Corrosion Resistance

TIGER TMT iron rods have greater anti-corrosion properties than any other brand. This is enabled by the automated labs and the most modern testing equipment which are used to test the micro-structure.

By resisting corrosion, TIGER TMT rods are able to bear huge load of a complete structure and protect it from spalling and cracking.

Where to Get TIGER TMT Iron Rods

TIGER TMT iron rods are produced by African Foundries Limited, a subsidiary of African Industries Group.

We are a leading steel manufacturing company in Nigeria and have set our sight on becoming the biggest steel manufacturer in Nigeria and the ECOWAS region, hinging our drive on the production of quality steel products. We are currently the only steel company in Nigeria with CARES, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accreditations.

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