For the first time ever in Nigeria, introducing a new enhanced variant of Tiger TMT Steel Rebars - Launching Soon

Tiger TMT 550 D Steel rebars


After successfully establishing Tiger TMT as a brand to recon with, African Industries Group is now introducing an enhanced offering - Tiger TMT 550 D Steel rebars. These rebars are of superior grade and have a much higher proportion of tensile strength and elongation compared to its peers. Tiger TMT 550 D Steel Bars will provide various unique advantages like superior stability, higher durability, and easy workability. Their mechanical & chemical properties position them at a step higher than any competitor product within West Africa.

Raw Material and Processing

Tiger 550D TMT rebars are manufactured using superior quality raw materials from our mines in Gujeni, Kaduna, a region rich with iron ore deposits, which are certified as per NI 43 101 international standards. ANRML has set up a fully integrated iron ore mining and processing plant, first of its kind in Nigeria, to utilize the iron ore available to directly produce steel. The plant is using latest technology and machinery to process the iron ore. The DRI (Direct Reduced Iron) produced from ANRML plant will act as a direct substitute for ferrous scrap currently being used as raw material for producing steel in Nigeria. The usage of DRI will improve the productivity and efficiency of the steel plants in Nigeria. This will position Nigeria as one of the prominent Steel producers globally.

Unique Properties

Tiger TMT 550 D Rebars have high yield stress, shock resistance and elongation properties. They will provide maximum earthquake, fire, and corrosion resistance. The use of TIGER TMT 550D rebars will also result in maximum savings. Owing it is superior quality raw materials and state of the art processes, Tiger TMT 550 D rebars are guaranteed to be safer, stronger, stable, and best suited for all kinds of construction from skyscrapers, commercial buildings, expressways, airports, flyovers, dams, Bridges, Residential Complexes to any kind of Industrial structures.

Tiger TMT 550D will undoubtedly become the foremost preference of construction industry to build the foundation of a strong, sustainable future and also revolutionize the infrastructural landscape of Nigeria and West Africa, true to the ethos of its parent company - “ Building the Future Together”.

One Tiger TMT 550 D rebar can sustain

  • 600

    Degrees Celsius Heat

    Minimum heat of lava from a volcano

  • 180

    Degree Bendability

    Comparable to flexibility of a Bamboo stick

  • 250

    Kmph Wind speed

    Equal to the average speed of a Bullet train

  • 300

    Kilo Newton Approx Load

    Almost the combined weight of 15 Sumo Wrestlers

Tiger TMT 550 D is 100% better than any ordinary bars

  • 17% longer life
  • 10% savings in cost
  • 16% higher elongation
  • 20% more structural durability
  • 17% lesser consumption of steel
  • 20% enhanced strength