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Tiger TMT Steel Rebars, a premium offering by African Industries Group (AIG), have revolutionized the construction industry in Nigeria and West Africa. With a commitment to utilizing local resources and promoting self-reliance, AIG has set a new standard by sourcing iron ore from Nigerian mines for steel production. This move not only strengthens the region’s economy but also reduces dependence on imports. Thermal Stability Importance of Bonding in Tiger TMT Steel Rebars: Bonding plays a crucial role in the performance of TMT iron rods in construction projects. AIG’s Tiger TMT 550D Steel Rebars boast superior bonding properties, ensuring optimal cohesion with concrete and cement. This enhances structural integrity, making them ideal for high-stress applications such as high-rise buildings, bridges, and dams. Thermal Stability


AIG’s manufacturing facilities are strategically located in Nigeria and Ghana, facilitating efficient distribution across the region. These include sites in Ogijo and Lagos, Nigeria, as well as Tema, Ghana, ensuring accessibility to quality steel products.- Thermal Stability

Quality Assurance:

Tiger TMT is renowned for its exceptional quality and reliability. Produced using advanced Thermo-Mechanical Treatment and 3D laser technology, these steel rebars feature a uniform rib structure, guaranteeing unmatched strength and durability. This has earned Tiger TMT the trust of countless customers and solidified its position as the leading brand in West Africa.

Impact on Construction Industry:

TMT iron rods, particularly Tiger TMT Steel Rebars, have significantly influenced the construction landscape in West Africa. Their superior strength, coupled with impeccable bonding properties, has empowered builders to undertake ambitious projects with confidence. From skyscrapers to infrastructure developments, Tiger TMT has become synonymous with structural integrity and reliability.

Finding Professional Architects:

For those embarking on construction projects, finding skilled architects is paramount. By collaborating with experienced professionals, homeowners can ensure the success of their endeavors. Utilizing online platforms, referrals, and local networks can help connect individuals with reputable architects suited to their specific needs.


Tiger TMT Steel Rebars have emerged as a game-changer in the West African construction industry. With a focus on local sourcing, quality production, and unmatched performance, AIG has redefined standards and inspired a new era of infrastructure development. As the region continues to grow, Tiger TMT remains at the forefront, driving progress and shaping the future of construction in Africa.

TIGER TMT iron rods have excellent thermal stability which is enabled by the automated labs and the most modern testing equipment which are used to test their micro-structure. This results in the right chemistry in every rod produced.

Fire is one of the hazards that a structure is likely to experience during its life cycle. It generates extreme temperature that affects the structural integrity of the building, causing reduction in material strength.

Moisture also causes deterioration in buildings. It is the penetration of the external fabric of cladding, or through ground floor constructions, leading to dampness which may create a suitable condition for fungi growth and attack. Excessive moisture in the internal atmosphere may lead to excessive condensation, corrosion, and irrigation.

However, the unique thermal stability of TIGER TMT iron rods gives buildings and structures ability to withstand fire hazards, enables them to resist loss of structural strength at higher temperature, and withstand all types of moist conditions which can cause deterioration in the buildings.

By resisting fire hazards, and withstanding extreme temperature as well as moisture, TIGER TMT iron rods ensure the safety of buildings, enhancing their flexibility, structural strength and lifespan. This is why TIGER TMT iron rods remain the most preferred brand used in reinforcing concrete.

Solid Bonding

Concrete and TMT iron rods must act together in reinforced concrete structure even though they are two different materials. This is to give the structure...

High Yield Strength

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Perfect Ductility and Malleability

TIGER TMT iron rods go through the most advanced and fully-automated quenching process that makes their inner part softer and the outer part harder...