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There are some building materials which are very essential in all types of construction work. Either it is residential building, institutional and commercial construction, specialised industrial construction or industrial and heavy construction, irrespective of the magnitude of the construction project, you will need high quality Thermo-Mechanically-Treated (TMT) iron rods, concrete, cement, bricks and wood. They are not just essential components of building construction but also determine how strong the project will turn out.

TMT Iron Rods
TMT iron rods are used in construction to reinforce concrete for enhanced protection against earthquake and other natural disasters. They are combined with concrete because of its brittle nature.

The rapid quenching and tempering used in the manufacturing process of TMT iron rods result in combination of tensile strength and ductility and make it more corrosion-resistant.

Concrete is a very important construction material used in all types of construction work. It is a composite material consisting mainly of cement and aggregates. It offers a relatively long life and is strong in compression. It is reinforced with TMT iron rods to form a composite material. By forming a strong bond together, the two materials are able to resist a variety of applied forces.

Cement is not often used on its own. It is used to bind and harden other materials like concrete. It is used in the production of concrete together with TMT iron rods for better reinforcement. It is also used to build cement mortar, build fireproof and thermal proof strictures and others.

Bricks are blocks which are used as essential parts of any building construction. They are basically made from clay or mud. Bricks are known to be very versatile and durable. They also good load-bearing properties, high thermal mass and potential low energy impact. They are used to make among other things, walls, floors, arches, and cornices.

Wood is also called timber. It is used in building and construction because it has low head conductivity, small bulk density, relatively high strength, etc. It is used for frames of structures in buildings, bridges, railroad tiles, etc.

Buy TIGER TMT Iron Rods
From the foregoing, it is obvious that there are some building materials which are essential to all types of construction. However, the materials must be of high quality to ensure safety for your structure.

TMT iron rods are particularly linked to concrete and cement. This means that the combination of the three determines the strength of a building.

So, you should opt for TIGER TMT iron rods which have high resistance to corrosion and help to obtain a longer life for your structure. They have perfect bonding with concrete, high temperature resistance and guarantee your building unequal strength as well as resistance to earthquakes.

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