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A floor is the lower horizontal surface of a space in a building while flooring is the permanent covering of a floor; flooring is also known as the work of installing floor covering. Flooring is done to protect the slabs on the floors in a building and provide suitable finish of floor surfaces.

It also provides a leveled surface which is capable of supporting applied live load like human beings, furniture and others. Professionally, flooring is supposed to possess fire resistance, sound insulation, damp and thermal resistance. It should also have enough strength to guide against frequent repairs and costly maintenance.

There are numerous flooring materials available but the choice of the type to use is dependent on a number of factors such as:

  • requirement of the user;
  • rigidity of flooring;
  • initial cost of flooring;
  • durability of flooring
  • fire resistance of flooring;
  • appearance of flooring;
  • sound insulation of flooring;
  • damp resistance of flooring; and
  • the kind of maintenance that will be required.

Importance of Flooring to Overall Aesthetics of Homes

Just like pieces of a jigsaw, good quality flooring is like that final piece that gel up the entire furniture at the home and thereby creating that picturesque outlook and feel. It has the ability to add comfort and elegance to your home and at the same time upgrades the value of your home.Common Flooring Materials

It is highly important to choose the right flooring materials as the floor is an integral part of the interior of your house. Some of the most common flooring materials are: bricks; ceramic; cement or lime concrete; linoleum; flagstones; marble; asphalt; plastic; mud; wood; cork; glass, and rubber.

Final Words Before choosing a flooring type, consider your requirements as the user, rigidity of flooring, initial cost of flooring, durability of flooring, fire resistance of flooring, appearance of flooring, sound insulation of flooring, damp resistance of flooring, and the kind of maintenance that will be required.

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